Garrison Abbey is an employee at Superheroes and Scones. He appears in Addicted After All & Fuel the Fire. He lives in the neighborhood that Lily Calloway,Loren Hale,Ryke Meadows,Rose Calloway,Connor Cobalt, and Daisy Calloway eventually move into.

[spoiler]Garrison is part of the group of kids who harass the main characters when they first move into the neighborhood. He is regretful of his actions, and later works at the comic store that Lily and Loren run. He becomes friends with Willow Moore and was formerly a student at Dalton Academy, before he was transferred to Faust Boarding School for Young Boys, and eventually ended up at Maybelwood Preparatory.


Garrison has touseled brown hair and a soft face. He is 5'11". He has two tattoos, one of which is on his elbow, the other is on his back.