Addicted Series is written by the New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors Krista and Becca Ritchie. Their debut novel Addicted to You, which is a New Adult Contemporary Romance novel, came out in 2013 and since then this series has grown into 9 books which are read and loved all around the world. Addicted series has a companion series called the Calloway Sisters series which features the main characters of the Addicted series as side characters (and vice versa). Calloway Sisters series can be read as a part of the Addicted series (visit the Reading order page for more details).

Addicted series concentrates on Lily Calloway, a sex addict, and Loren hale, an alcoholic, who are childhood best friends. As the series progresses, they will need to learn how to not enable each others' addictions if they truly want to have a chance at a healthier life and a committed relationship. After many years spent in isolation from their families and being co-dependent on each other, they will also need to let their families and new-found friends into their lives.

This series is a diverse, emotional, heart-wrenching story about self-discovery, surpassing mental and physical limits, family, love, friendship and sacrifices. It's heavily character-driven and features important topics such as addictions, sexism, misogyny, slutshaming, mental illnesses, sexuality and more.

So far there are 8 published books and the final book in the series is planned to come out sometime in 2015. There will also be an epilogue book which will feature all the main characters point of views.